Below are some we hope you'll find helpful. If you have any ideas, questions, or concerns, please reach out to us at



Forms can be downloaded to print here.

Attach and list all receipts and return to the red PTSA folder in the PTSA drawer in the office. The office manager can direct you.

Fall due date: Before Winter Break
Spring due date: June 7th


Special Grants

Projects that benefit multiple classrooms or groups of students may be eligible for a special grant! 

Form can be found in the PTSA folder. It can also be downloaded to print here.

Please email Principal Somoza so she can review the request first. CC so we are aware of a grant request.

Scan and attach the form to the email or give it to Principal Somoza.

The board will review it at the monthly PTSA meeting and we ask that you plan to attend to answer a few questions.